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When you're navigating the congested streets of Indianapolis, finding efficient and reliable transportation is easier said than done. With its maze of tiny roads, limited parking, and awful traffic, getting around the city is more time-consuming and stressful than it is relaxing. That's where a limo service in Brownsburg, IN, can rescue you quickly by providing a hassle-free, superior way to travel in comfort and style. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, hiring a knowledgeable chauffeur for your transportation needs in Indianapolis isn't just fun - it's smart and savvy. And when you need the very best car service in The Crossroads of America, look no further than LSG International.

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Limo Service Brownsburg, IN

LSG International takes great pride in our team of highly skilled and professional chauffeurs. We are confident in their abilities to provide exceptional customer service, as they are not only experienced motorists but also friendly and attentive hosts. With their extensive knowledge of Indianapolis' roads and traffic patterns, you can rest assured that you will arrive at your destination safely, comfortably, and on time. Our chauffeurs prioritize your satisfaction, and we are confident that you will enjoy a seamless travel experience from start to finish with LSG International.

 Wedding Limo Service Brownsburg, IN

At LSG International, we understand that traveling with a group is about more than just getting from point A to point B - it's about fun experiences and making memories that will last a lifetime. Our fleet of impeccably maintained vehicles offers a wide selection of luxury options to suit any occasion or group size. From sleek sedans and spacious SUVs to stylish stretch limousines, we have the perfect vehicle to ensure your group travels in absolute comfort and style.

 Birthday Party Limo Service Brownsburg, IN

At LSG International, we understand that no two group travel experiences are the same. That's why we provide customized chauffeur services that can be tailored to your needs. Whether it's transportation for a corporate event, a corporate event near Indianapolis, a wedding party, or just a ride to the airport, our team will work hard to exceed your needs. We take care of everything from coordinating multiple pickups and drop-offs to accommodating special requests. Our goal is to ensure a hassle-free and memorable experience for your group by going the extra mile to ensure your comfort and convenience.

 Bachelor Party Limo Service Brownsburg, IN

Have you ever used a popular rideshare app with high hopes, only to find that your driver was late and didn't care about missing your pickup time? Unfortunately, this happens all too often. You won't ever have to worry about unprofessional experiences when you book with LSG International. Our drivers understand that you have places to be and that you've got to be there on time. With our advanced dispatch and tracking resources, we monitor traffic conditions and adjust our routes on the fly to ensure you reach your destination on time and without stress.

 Bachelorette Party Limo Service Brownsburg, IN

In the past, most limo driving services required you to book over the phone. In fact, most drivers will tell you that 90% of limousine reservations are still made over the phone. However, many limo services, like LSG International, now take reservations online. The process is pretty simple.

Simply head over to our website and check out our fleet online. Put in your preferred date range so you can see our schedule and fleet availability. Be sure to let us know how many people will be in your party, how long you'll need your limo service, and what type of event we'll be driving you to. Once you settle on a vehicle, date range, pick-up location, and drop-off location, you're ready for a free quote. Provide all the details necessary, and before you know it, one of our experienced drivers will be picking you and your group up on time.

 Airport Limo Service Brownsburg, IN

1. Vehicle Quality

Have you ever booked a car on a rideshare app thinking you'd be riding in style, only to find out you're riding in a tin can with wheels? When using a ridesharing service, there's always some uncertainty regarding the type of car you'll get. It could be a small, dirty vehicle that doesn't fit your needs. Some ridesharing companies offer luxury options, but there's no guarantee that the car provided will actually be luxurious. However, if you're looking for a stylish ride, a limo service may be the way to go. With a limo service, you have the freedom to choose your own vehicle, and you can rest assured that it will be clean and meet your expectations.

2. Fluctuating Price

One of the most frustrating aspects of using ridesharing apps is that their pricing is unreliable. The cost of a ride usually depends on the availability of drivers and the demand for rides at a certain time. If there are fewer drivers available than there are people who need rides, the prices may increase. However, this is not the case with limousine services from LSG International. When you book a limo service online, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. No sneaky upcharges. No fluctuating rates. That means that you will always know the exact cost of your ride ahead of time and can plan accordingly.

3. Boring Experiences

Let's face it - the random Honda Civic that picks you up on the ridesharing app can't compare to a quality stretch limousine, luxury SUV, or party bus provided by LSG International. Booking a limo or luxury car driving service can add a touch of class that you won't get with a stranger's car, even if you're just hitting the town with your spouse. If you're looking to make the event extra special, then opting for a limo service is the way to go.

Limo Service Pricing

When it comes to choosing a chauffeured service, price is always an important factor to consider. It's a good idea to compare prices and get an idea of what is a reasonable price to pay. However, keep in mind that the cheapest price may not always be the best value. In fact, it's possible that the cheapest service may end up being disappointing. Always remember the saying, "Price is what you should pay; value is what you should get. "So, don't compromise on quality for the sake of a lower price.

Whether you're renting a limo or a party bus for a wedding or a major event, it's important to find a reliable and trustworthy service provider that can offer you the best value for your money. At LSG International, we take the guesswork out of pricing by offering online quotes, which you can get in just a couple of minutes.

 10 Passenger Limo Rental Brownsburg, IN
 10 Person Limo Rental Brownsburg, IN

Personal Referrals and Online Reviews

As you probably know, the internet is the go-to source for information - not just on people, but businesses, too. If you've ever used Yelp or Google to see online reviews, you know what we're talking about. Around 90%of people check out online reviews before making a purchase or visiting a business, and you should, too. A reputable limo service company with loyal customers usually has great reviews. However, you may also come across reviews that mention issues. This is an excellent way to gain a variety of perspectives. Don't forget to check out how the company responds to their reviewers.

In addition to online reviews, you can also ask friends and family members for limo rental referrals. If a relative or close friend has used a specific company for many years, chances are they're a good choice.

Car Service Rental Fleet

A reliable car service company should have a diverse and extensive fleet with different amenities and features to offer. It is important to note that their fleet should have options for accommodating different size groups of passengers.

As everyone's needs and preferences vary when it comes to using a limo rental service, it is essential to communicate the number of passengers you will have to the company. This will enable them to provide you with the most suitable options for your situation. They have cars that can accommodate two to three passengers and larger coach buses that can accommodate dozens.

 12 Passenger Limo Rental Brownsburg, IN
 12 Person Limo Rental Brownsburg, IN

Insurance Coverage

This might sound like a no-brainer, but any limo service company worth your money should have the appropriate car insurance and licensing. Don't ever book a party bus or a trip to the airport with a company that doesn't have the right insurance. Personal auto policies Personal auto policies won't cut it - you don't want to be held responsible if there's any sort of mishap on the road. At LSG International, all of our drivers are licensed, and our company maintains the proper car insurance to cover every vehicle in our fleet.

Latest News in Brownsburg, IN

IHSAA wrestling state finals: 9 Indy-area wrestlers win titles, Brownsburg the top team

IHSAA wrestling state champions were crowned tonight in Evansville.Nine wrestlers from Central Indiana won individual titles and Brownsburg edged Center Grove for the team championship.'It’s finally time we got it done.'...

IHSAA wrestling state champions were crowned tonight in Evansville.

Nine wrestlers from Central Indiana won individual titles and Brownsburg edged Center Grove for the team championship.

'It’s finally time we got it done.'Brownsburg wins wrestling state title.

Julianna Ocampo makes history.'Being a female and going out there and beating up some guys is pretty nice.'

To see all state medal finishers, scroll below championship matches.

Team scores: 1. Brownsburg, 124.5; 2. Center Grove, 121.5; 3. Crown point, 121; 4. Warren Central, 71; 5. Avon, 52; 6. Evansville Mater Dei, 50; 7. Floyd Central, 42; 8. Roncalli, 39.5; 9. Cathedral, 39; 10. Delta, 32.5.

106 lbs.

Peyton Schoettle, Roncalli (43-1) def. Mason Jones, Lake Central (39-1), Dec. 3-2

113 lbs.

Revin Dickman, Brownsburg (41-2) def. Nathan Rioux, Avon (35-6), Dec. 5-0

120 lbs.

Charlie LaRocca, Center Grove (36-5) def. Ty Henderson, Evansville Mater Dei (36-2), Dec. 3-2

126 lbs.

Luke Rioux, Avon (40-5) def. Isaiah Schaefer, Evansville Mater Dei (39-3), Dec. 8-5

132 lbs.

Jake Hockaday, Brownsburg (37-2) def. Hayden DeMarco, Chesterton (47-1), fall, 2:27

138 lbs.

Kyrel Leavell, Warren Central (41-1) def. Clinton Shepherd, Crown Point (32-4), fall, 2:51

144 lbs.

Easton Doster, New Haven (39-0) def. Zar Walker, Mishawaka (46-2), Dec. 6-4

150 lbs.

Wyatt Krejsa, Center Grove (40-2) def. Hunter May, Floyd Central (26-2), Dec. 13-6.

157 lbs.

Mitchell Betz, Western (41-1) def. Adrian Pellott, Merrillville (40-2), Dec. 5-3

165 lbs.

Waylon Cressell, Warren Central (41-1) def. Duke Myers, Bellmont (47-4), Dec. 12-4

175 lbs.

Chase Leech, Garrett (42-2) def. Bray Emerine, Floyd Central (40-2), Dec. 3-2

190 lbs.

Noah Weaver, Rossville (50-0) def. Gunner Henry, Brownsburg (35-4), Dec. 10-6

215 lbs.

Will Clark, Crown Point (33-3) def. Brandon Johnson, Lawrence North (42-4), fall, 1:29

285 lbs.

Nate Johnson, Center Grove (27-1) def. Hosia Smith, Cathedral (40-8), fall, 1:47

IHSAA wrestling state medal winners (3rd-8th)

106 LBS.

3rd: Royce Malone, Monrovia

4th: Jensen Boyd, Delta

5th: Mason Goelz, Avon

6th: Julianna Ocampo, New Haven

7th: Talon Jessup, Columbus East

8th: Teigan Newell, Crown Point

113 LBS.

3rd: Ayden Bollinger, Delta

4th: Jalen Sawyer-May, Kokomo

5th: Gavin Lewis, Crown Point

6th: Bradyn Volz, Eastern Hancock

7th: Blake Getz, Roncalli

8th: Brady Harper, Penn

120 LBS.

3rd: Gavin Jendreas, Crown Point

4th: Isaac Ash, Monrovia

5th: Tommy Frazier, Zionsville

6th: Chayce Yant, Fishers

7th: Jett McGuire, Greenfield-Central

8th: Richard Rogers, Franklin Central

126 LBS.

3rd: Braylon Reynolds, Brownsburg

4th: Gunner Butt, New Palestine

5th: LT Hawkins, Crown Point

6th: Matthew Maldonado, Merrillville

7th: Bradin Daniels, Union City

8th: Cody Rowles, Jay County

132 LBS.

3rd: Tylin Thrine, New Castle

4th: Jackson Bradley, Cowan

5th: Eddie Goss, Center Grove

6th: Sontonio Sessa, Crown Point

7th: Tye Linser, Western

8th: Keith Parker, Ben Davis

138 LBS.

3rd: Brady Ison, Brownsburg

4th: Tony Wood, Jay County

5th: Gavyn Whitehead, New Castle

6th: Chase Stephens, Tell City

7th: Justice Thornton, Columbus North

8th: Jaylen Covington, Pendleton Heights

144 LBS.

3rd: Reese Courtney, Center Grove

4th: Branson Weaver, Owen Valley

5th: Jeffrey Huyvaert, New Prairie

6th: Parker Reynolds, Brownsburg

7th: Christian Arberry, Warren Central

8th: Dillon Graham, Cathedral

150 LBS.

3rd: Kaptur Nowaczyk, Crown Point

4th: Tyler Vanover, Evansville Mater Dei

5th: Christopher Bohn, Munster

6th: Wesley Harper, Penn

7th: Braden Getz, Roncalli

8th: N/A

157 LBS.

3rd: Anthony Cashman, Warren Central

4th: Aidan Kincaide, Noblesville

5th: Beau Brabender, Mishawaka

6th: Silas Foster, Purdue Poly

7th: Silas Stits, Center Grove

8th: Asher Ratliff, Columbus North

165 LBS.

3rd: Brant Beck, Rochester

4th: Anthony Rinehart, Crown Point

5th: Evan Roudebush, Bloomington South

6th: Coy Bender, Terre Haute South

7th: Kaeb Stebbins, Delta

8th: Jesse Derringer, Brownsburg

175 LBS.

3rd: Costello, Hobart

4th: Ethan Farnell, Maconaquah

5th: Noah Clouser, Center Grove

6th: Michael White, Lawrence North

7th: Kyle Harden, Cathedral

8th: Zymarion Hollyfield, Penn

190 LBS.

3rd: Noah Terry, Tell City

4th: Elias Cressell, Wabash

5th: Kaden McConnell, Center Grove

6th: Colin Whetsel, New Palestine

7th: Luke Penola, Zionsville

8th: Kenneth Bisping, Lowell

215 LBS.

3rd: Jackson Weingart, Cathedral

4th: Caden Brewer, Brownsburg

5th: Keagan Martin, Bellmont

6th: Travis Henke, Northridge

7th: Wyatt Woodall, Southmont

8th: Landon Terry, Tell City

285 LBS.

3rd: James Hartelroad, DeKalb

4th: Anthony Popi, Plymouth

5th: Brady Beck, Rochester

6th: Juan Cruz, Bluffton

7th: Hayden Smith, Heritage Hills

8th: Perris Green, Warren Central

Goals, saves and PKs: Vote for IHSAA soccer players of the week (Aug. 21-26)

IndyStar will be recognizing the top soccer players in Indiana with our players of the week poll.Scroll to the bottom of the article to vote. Voting is open until noon Friday.To nominate players for consideration, email Brian Haenchen at or message him on Twitter: ...

IndyStar will be recognizing the top soccer players in Indiana with our players of the week poll.

Scroll to the bottom of the article to vote. Voting is open until noon Friday.

To nominate players for consideration, email Brian Haenchen at or message him on Twitter: @Brian_Haenchen. We will be accepting nominees for the upcoming week until Sunday at 1 p.m.

More:Now accepting Play of the Month nominees!

Hank's Soccer Headlines:HSE wins powerhouse clash, Pike's Anelson Azard dazzles and more

Congratulations to Brownsburg's Weston Bradley on being voted Player of the Week for Aug. 14-19! The senior put together back-to-back two-goal performances. He scored twice and assisted on a pair of goals in a 9-0 rout of Lebanon, then accounted for two of the team's five goals in a 5-0 win over New Palestine.

Here are the top performers from last week.

Anelson Azard, Pike

Azard scored his first eight goals of the season this week. He had five in a win over Warren Central, then scored twice — first on a penalty kick, then again late in regulation — to lift the Red Devils to a 3-1 triumph over Cathedral on Saturday. He wrapped up his week by scoring another goal against Downers Grove.

Andie Adams, Bishop Chatard

The senior defender clinched a 2-2 (7-6 PK) win over Brebeuf, coming up seventh and rifling her attempt off the goalkeeper and in. The victory moved the Trojans to 3-2 on the year with wins over Mt. Vernon, Heritage Christian and Brebeuf (losses vs. Brownsburg and Park Tudor).

Breece Bass, Franklin Central

The Murray State commit scored twice against rival Roncalli. Her first goal opened the scoring in the 16th minute, her second forced a 2-2 stalemate in the 59th minute (that was the final score).

Riley Boyd, Hamilton Southeastern

The sophomore scored her first hat trick of the season Saturday night, lifting the second-ranked Royals to a 3-2 victory over No. 3 Noblesville. She has six goals and an assist on the season.

Olivia Cebalo, Carmel

The junior midfielder scored in both games of a Saturday doubleheader, including the game-winning goal against Cathedral in the nightcap. She also scored in a 2-0 win over Fishers.

Paige Dill, Park Tudor

The junior scored twice and dished out a pair of assists over 73 minutes in a 7-0 victory over Columbus East. Dill, who also kicks for the football team, converted a pair of extra points and logged eight kickoffs the night before against Tindley.

Kenny Guerine, Lawrence Central

The senior scored three of the Bears' four goals in a shutout victory over Chatard on Tuesday, then picked up a goal and an assist in a 2-0 win over New Palestine on Saturday. Guerine has six goals and an assist through his first four games for Lawrence Central (4-0).

Lyla Jacobs, Mooresville

The sophomore scored five goals and an assist across two games this week. She netted a hat trick against Perry Meridian on Monday, then picked up two goals and an assist against Ben Davis on Saturday.

Kate Malin, Westfield

The junior defender, who entered the week with a goal and an assist this season, struck twice in the Rocks' 4-0 victory over Franklin Central. She's also aided a defense that has yet to allow a goal this season (shutout wins over Fishers, Plainfield, New Palestine and Franklin Central).

Colson Mendenhall, Cascade

Mendenhall has eight goals and four assists on the season with two goals in each of his first four games. He added an assist to go with his two scores in a 7-2 win over Lutheran on Saturday.

Efren Reveles III, Ben Davis

The senior has four goals through his first four games, with a two-goal outing vs. Tri-West. Ben Davis is 3-1 with a 10-5 goal differential, and has matches upcoming against Lawrence Central, Arsenal Tech, Lawrence North and Plainfield.

Kervens Saint Paul, Speedway

Saint Paul scored twice in a 3-0 win over Cardinal Ritter. He has five goals through his first three games of the season (Thursday's contest vs. Park Tudor was postponed due to excessive heat).

Kiersten Touloukian, Brownsburg

Touloukian tallied two goals and an assist in a 5-0 win over Tri-West.

Elliott Zimmerman, Fort Wayne Blackhawk Christian

The junior, who scored on a bicycle kick against FW Concordia Lutheran in the team's season opener, notched a hat trick plus an assist in an 8-1 win over Heritage on Monday, then tallied an assist in a 2-2 draw against Fort Wayne Snider on Saturday.


Follow Brian Haenchen on Twitter at @Brian_Haenchen.

Brownsburg trail honors two with Montgomery County ties

Photo ProvidedPosted Saturday, August 26, 2023 1:15 am Journal ReviewTwo men with Montgomery County ties are among the honorees of the first five historic markers that comprise the newly established Brownsburg Racing Memorial Trail, which was unveiled Thursday and is a collaboration between the Town of Brownsburg and the Indiana Racing Memorial Association.Linden native Larry Rice (1946-2009), a racing driver who was the 1978 Indy 500 Co-Rookie of the Year and WCVL-WIMC-WCDQ former General Manager Howdy Bell, w...

Photo Provided

Posted Saturday, August 26, 2023 1:15 am

Journal Review

Two men with Montgomery County ties are among the honorees of the first five historic markers that comprise the newly established Brownsburg Racing Memorial Trail, which was unveiled Thursday and is a collaboration between the Town of Brownsburg and the Indiana Racing Memorial Association.

Linden native Larry Rice (1946-2009), a racing driver who was the 1978 Indy 500 Co-Rookie of the Year and WCVL-WIMC-WCDQ former General Manager Howdy Bell, who was a reporter on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network for 42 years, are two of five honorees that comprise the initial trail. The others are USAC Racing officials Bill Marvel and Dick Jordan, and former NASCAR Busch Series racing driver Robbie Stanley. All have ties to the Brownsburg community.

Nicknamed the “Drag Racing Capital of the World,” Brownsburg is home to auto racing teams, manufacturers and Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park. The Brownsburg Racing Memorial Trail provides a way for visitors to connect with the town’s motorsports history by visiting historic markers that tell the stories of the legends of racing. Plans call to expand the trail with more honorees in the coming years that will further tell Brownsburg’s unique racing story.

“The Rice, Stanley, and Marvel markers were previously installed,” said IRMA Co-Founder Mark Eutsler of Linden. “After conversations with Brownsburg Parks and Recreation officials, it became apparent they wanted a way to draw attention to the community’s racing heritage that would attract visitors. The idea of creating a racing heritage trail soon gained momentum.”

The “Brownsburg Racing Memorial Trail Guide” is available at

This fall the town will host the first Motorsports Mania on the Brownsburg Town Hall Green during the Brownsburg Farmers Market. It will be a collaboration with Brownsburg Farmers Market, Town of Brownsburg, Brownsburg Parks & Recreation, Don Schumacher Racing, Indianapolis Region Sports Car Club of America, Hoosier Tire Midwest, Allgaier Performance Parks, CSI Shocks, Indiana Racing Memorial Association and the NHRA U.S. Nationals.

First settled in 1824 by James B. Brown, Brownsburg is home to 28,973 residents. In 1985, part of the movie Hoosiers was filmed in the former College Avenue Gym.

Founded in December 2013, the Indiana Racing Memorial Association has installed 50 markers throughout Indiana and 5 in other states. With the mission of “Celebrating Indiana’s Racing Heritage,” IRMA’s first marker was unveiled on July 4, 2014, on the centennial of the opening of Winchester Speedway. Almost 20,000 people have attended marker unveiling events to date. In May, IRMA’s Facebook page had a record 1.5 million views and 800,000 engagements.

History And Gardens In Brownsburg

Summer gets off to a “historic” start on Saturday, June 3, with the Brownsburg Community Association’s Historic Brownsburg House and Garden Walking Tour.Four private historic Brownsburg homes and three gardens will be open to visitors from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on a self-guided walking tour of about half of a mile. The owners will be available at each property to welcome participants and answer questions.The historic houses on the tour cover a period of approximately 100 years, from the 1770s to the 1870s. T he ea...

Summer gets off to a “historic” start on Saturday, June 3, with the Brownsburg Community Association’s Historic Brownsburg House and Garden Walking Tour.

Four private historic Brownsburg homes and three gardens will be open to visitors from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on a self-guided walking tour of about half of a mile. The owners will be available at each property to welcome participants and answer questions.

The historic houses on the tour cover a period of approximately 100 years, from the 1770s to the 1870s. T he earliest structure on the tour is Lavelle’s Tavern, circa 1775. The tavern sat on the busy Brownsburg-Middlebrook Turnpike and would have served stagecoach passengers traveling between Lexington and Staunton and westward to the many Virginia Springs resorts, as well as immigrants traveling south and west for settlement, farmers with livestock, food crops and whiskey, and merchants with market goods in wagons being taken to Cedar Grove and Lexington for boat transport to Richmond and beyond. The tavern and tavern kitchen, furnished to suggest their function as Lavelle’s Tavern, are open for the tour.

The small two-story log structure at the back of the main house will also be open for the tour. It initially housed slaves and at various times also served as both a summer kitchen and community hospital run by Quakers. The garden on the north side of the house is home to a 200-year-old pecan tree that still produces hundreds of non-hybridized pecans. Other trees of interest in the west garden are a large Dawn Redwood and a quite mature crabapple. The more recent parts of the garden contain about 20 different hostas and are splashed throughout with chartreuse foliage, a favorite of the gardener. The vegetable garden contains freeroaming strawberry plants and large blueberry bushes. Perennial flower beds provide splashes of color and stone walls and paths add structure. D ozens of shards of antique pottery have been uncovered while gardening.

The Elizabeth Ward House, circa 1813, is one of the earliest residential dwellings in B rownsburg. S imilar i n form to the many Scots-Irish structures found throughout the Shenandoah Valley, the original home contained a single room below with a loft above accessed by a corner stairway. I n the late 1800s, an attached kitchen with a room above was added, maintaining the two-story style. Visitors will notice the original 3-foot-by-10foot-by-20-foot oak beams spanning the living room area and the hand-hewn oak logs. T he h ouse, d ecorated with the owner’s collection of “all things Americana,” is a lovely juxtaposition of the early 19th century and comfortable modern living, typified by the view from the light-filled kitchen that looks out to a 200-year-old maple tree…the oldest tree in Brownsburg.

House, circa 1874, was built by Zachariah Johnston Walker, a captain in the home guards in Brownsburg and later a surgeon in McCausland’s Confederate brigade during t he C ivil War. I t i s believed that he was also the headmaster of the Brownsburg Academy, a private, Presbyterian high school for young men built with funds raised by residents. Prior to this structure being built on the lot, there was most likely another house built pre-1820 by a member of the Alexander Walker family.

For the last 25 years, Sweet Berry Farm has been a small but functional homestead with vegetables, fruits, herbs, chickens and cows, 75% of the produce they enjoy throughout the year. Visitors can learn about no till and vertical gardening, organically controlling insects with herbs and flowers, tips on having no weeds in the garden and raising healthy backyard chickens. The Rockbridge Area Master Gardeners will also be on site with their composting display. Sweet Berry Farm is a good example of how to grow a high quality and quantity of produce in a small garden space.

Twenty years ago, the 19th century log cabin now known as “Misty Meadows” began a new life in Brownsburg where an earlier cabin stood many years before. In the kitchen and baths and added air-conditioning. A small log structure to the rear serves as a gardener’s cabin. The owners have added many trees and shrubs and a n h erb g arden. T he cabin is furnished with early furniture, pottery, tinware and baskets. G lenn Wilson, of Olde Log and Stone, who relocated and restored Misty Meadows, will be available to answer questions. -Coffee and donuts will be available to purchase at Asbury Church in the morning and lunch will be available to purchase from LexVegas Bistro at Asbury Church from 11 a.m. There will also be container gardening demonstrations p.m.

Registration for pre-paid tickets, day-of ticket sales (if still available) and tour parking will be at Wade’s Mill in Raphine starting at 9:30 a.m. Tour participants will board a Rockbridge County school bus for the short, scenic 10-minute drive to Brownsburg. T here w ill be two school buses on a continuous loop. Due to on-street parking limitations, no tour parking will be available in Brownsburg.

The tour is “rain or shine” and no refunds will be made for inclement weather. Tour proceeds will support the BCA’s college scholarship program for local high school students, local fire and rescue departments and charitable activities in the local community.

Tickets are $35 in advance and $40 on the day, if not sold out. The tour committee strongly advises purchasing tickets in advance as attendance will be capped to prevent overcrowding at the houses and gardens. To visit all tour sites by the 3 p.m. tour closing time, participants are advised to start the tour by 1 p.m. at the latest.

Tickets are available online at historic-brownsburg-area-country-garden-tour. Online ticket sales close at midnight May 31. M ail-in registration forms are also available at the Brownsburg, Fairfield, Raphine, Rockbridge Baths and Middlebrook post offices. To receive a registration form by email or for any other questions, email

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